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Voyage to Crab Mountain

by Firegarden

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sophieb1207 great stuff good listen all round...was hooked when I saw you guys at obtc...thanks for the extras too! PS..when you gonna play London or near...😊🎸🎶
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Crabs 05:48
Eaters of sand, Cries on the wind, They're coming for you, Better run. From the shuddering sands they're calling, Eating through the dust. Surprises in the night. Their cries on the wind, no warning, The children will not sleep well tonight. Their gargantuan hands are snapping, They will crush your bones to sate their appetite. Father stands near, locked in fear, For he knows that the crabs march tonight. Legends never fade, As long as we remain. Stories live beyond the grave, But memory's the same. My father told me ghost stories, Of creatures from the dunes, But now those creatures come to me, From my mind's catacombs.
Magic 04:03
Thinking about that day, And that place so far away. If I could I'd go back then, I'd love to see your face again. I'd journey through the gates of hell, Where scorpions and lions dwell. I cannot bare this weary cost, Of dealing with your sudden loss. I'd climb any mountain, to get to you. Swim any ocean, if only you knew. I heard there was magic, that might bring you back. We'll always be apart, Wandering with a broken heart, Walking the wilds of earth, Searching for my heart's rebirth. Chased by the burning sun, On and on I have to run. One day we'll meet again, Enkindu my cherished friend.
Ghost Ship 04:04
I worked on the quayside, On the Blackwater Mile. I walked away from city life, It really wasn't my style. I longed for the cool fresh air, The mist and the rain. Leaving everything I knew behind, I got off that gravy train. I kept hearing a whisper, A fabled tale, The old boys full of sea mist and brine, Spoke of ghosts from the gale. Whenever the mists came down, There were cries in the air, Shadows moving out of the fog, You know you've got to take care. One night in December, I was stumbling home, The fog it started swirling around, And then I wasn't alone: The ferryman stood beside me, Seaweed in his bones, He lifted up a skeletal hand, And then he started to moan. The ghost ship was mooring, The air was so cold, Ancient bells rang into the night, Like the old ones foretold. The dead began to disembark, And at that moment I knew, The Blackwater Mile had got its name, From this ship and its dead crew.
Mountain 05:13
High on a mountain top, I'm calling, Breathing the stone cold air, Until I fall. Watching the world Around me moving, Horizons go on forever, But I feel so small.
Crushed by falling rocks Nobody knew Crushed by falling rocks What if it were you? Crushed by falling rocks Nobody knew Rocks fall all around What if it were you?
Sometimes life is hard, Broken body, broken mind and you’re, You're feeling so alone, Suffering in silence, paying undue penance. Through the pain, the tears in your eyes, Raise your gaze, look up at the night sky! Navigate the resistant path, Darkness will hide you, Stars, they will guide you. They don’t know you, or what you can do, Or about the fire that has always seen you through. Now is the time, now is the hour, to show... Them your power. Shoot for the moon, my sweet sweet baby: Miss, you’ll land in the stars. C’mon, shoot for the moon my sweet, sweet darling, It’s all or nothing tonight. Don’t listen to the voice inside, That tells you you’re useless, your own personal Judas. Keep it locked, behind that wall, Your life isn't forfeit, you are strong and I know it. Look at me, here I am, It won’t always be raining, clearer skies are coming. Give it your all, your heart, your soul, I won’t let you fall, but victims, well, aren’t we all.
Pigeons 08:38
Lilith 04:05
A form drawn up from the earth and sand, Moulded into shapes of a woman and man. Equal parts of dirt and spirit, Born unto the world was Adam and Lilith. She won’t give in, She won’t back down, She won’t disguise, Or compromise. She, fierce beauty, strong of mind, Saw injustice in Eden, not repaid in kind, For Adam, he would not lie for her pleasure; Demanded her to be a compliant little treasure. She spun on her heels, left the garden for the fire, Adam and the others, in tongues conspired, To poison her name, disobedient little bitch, Together, we fight, we love you Lilith.
Incomplete 08:48
No one knows, the truth, Just what's been told, You never see the whole from where you're stood, A puzzle piece, to make the whole complete, Sometimes to win you lose, That's how it is. Look out I'm gone, But got the strength to carry on, This crazy life won't bring me to me knees, Oh lord I pray. It's been a weird kind of day, Where nothing in my life is what it seems. Bitter sweet, Tired feet, Dirty Street, Incomplete.
I feel fine, realigned, I found my place, space and time, It's so good, I knew I could, I saw you there, and then I understood. Angel in the black, siren at the back, Shape within the white, shade within the light, You're calling out my name, and it's time to play the game. Now I hear you sing: One more for the road. I came back, found the track, It didn't take long, I've got the knack, I pressed on, fear had gone, And now the rolling skies go on and on. Angel in the hall, devil at the ball, Waltzes in the night, spectres in the light, Pulse racing fast, don't know how long this will last, Now I hear you singing: One more for the road.


Get ready, for the voyage is about to begin! Have you heard the ghost stories of creatures in the sands? There's something out there and it is calling to us. It's time to go. Don't you feel it? There are many ways to get to Crab Mountain, each as perilous as the others. None of the ways are easy; they all take their toll. Sacrifices are always made on the voyage and no one comes out quite as they entered. It is said that when the winds and tides are right, a ship can be boarded among the mists at the Blackwater Mile. If the ship eludes you, there are other ways to reach Crab Mountain if you can follow the feathered trail. For many the voyage will not be physical; Crab Mountain is best reached in the mind. Although some say they have stood on the perilous beaches of the island this may be best understood as a metaphor or a boast.

Now the brave adventurers stand on the sand. They think they can see a light through the mist. They strain their ears to make sense of the whispering that approaches. Shadows move around them, then the mist fades and the shocking truth can be seen. Between them and the mountain stand two figures: the bird-headed woman dances on the sand with a crab.


released March 17, 2018

Jake Mann - guitar and vocals
Ashley Tuck - drums
Chris Heald - bass and vocals
Adele Smith - vocals

Crabs, Ghost Ship, Mountain, Crushed by Falling Rocks, Pigeons, Incomplete and One for the Road by Heald/Mann/Tuck
Magic by Heald/Mann/Tuck/Gotteri
Lilith and Shoot for the Moon by Heald/Mann/Smith/Tuck/Gotteri

Recording and mixing by Stephen Goodison at the Old Pig Farm Studios
Artwork and CD layout by Jaime Raposo
Management by Sarah Mangan and Firegarden
Released through Mains Spike Music
(c) Firegarden 2018. All rights reserved


all rights reserved



Firegarden Sheffield, UK

Firegarden are agents working in the Sheffield branch of a time travel bureau. They play of sexy, funky prog 'n' roll.

Jake Mann (guitar/keys/vocals) is an ancient reptile from deep within the earth. Ashley Tuck (drums) is the creation of an alien scientist. Chris Heald (bass/vocals) evolved to live on an inhospitable moon.
Danny Vernon (guitar) is a recently discovered silicon lifeform.
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